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Virtual Events - Hybrid Event
Virtual Events - Providence Hospital Livestream

Looking for Livestreaming Rentals for your next virtual event?

Give your digital audience the gift of a flawless broadcast.

Covid will soon be behind us, but what the event community has learned is that we can reach more customers with digital technologies and virtual events. ProCore is committed to facilitating an online event experience that rivals the traditional live event experience, with a focus on personal connection. Using the latest broadcast technology, we are creating virtual and hybrid events that foster connections and bring people together in business and recreation.

Virtual Events - Zoom Meeting

Virtual Meetings

We can help you host virtual meetings with an unlimited number of participants while ensuring that you broadcast with a professional production value. There are many choices to make starting with the right platform to host on. We can also provide equipment to level up your video, sound, and scenery to professional broadcast levels.

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Virtual Events - Virtual Graduation

Virtual Special Events

If you want to take your virtual or hybrid event to the next level we can implement a number of types of media all in the same presentation to make your event feel like a professional broadcast. These events can include live and pre-recorded presentations, with video, music, titles, and graphics. We run all of these through our professional live streaming software either at an event site of your choosing or even from our main office.

Virtual Events - Live Customer Engagement

On The Fly "Live" Productions

If you are looking to host an event where attendee questions and interactions are crucial to the flow of the event we can help. We can have a meeting supervisor monitor the chat for questions and forward them to the host as needed so you don’t have to sift through a dense chat window. We have several ways of doing this and can guide you with the adequate tools and procedures to make interacting with your attendees a breeze.

Virtual Events - Wirecast Presenter Call In

Present From Multiple Locations

When you have multiple presenters all broadcasting from different locations we can help you make sure that the presenters, entertainment, and other media is seamlessly integrated into your programming.

Virtual Events - HD Camera Shot

Television Broadcast Level Quality

For some events the ease of Zoom works. However, the stability that zoom provides often comes at the cost of your signal being compressed to a low broadcast quality. We can help you stream to many alternative platforms that allow you the full broadcast quality with high definition video and audio and can even help you stream right from your own company website.

Virtual Events - Hybrid Event

Hybrid Events

Many of our clients are finding the need to connect to their digital audience while still allowing a live audience to be there in person. We can help you create a safe, socially distanced live event with full production and at the same time live stream a fully produced broadcast over the internet.

Virtual Events - Sponsor Recognition

Sponsorship Recognition

While designing your broadcast we can seamlessly integrate your sponsorship content following your desired specifications. We can create overlays, play videos, show slides, and anything else you can creatively throw at us. We will help you make sure that your sponsors are seen and their message is heard in the most efficient and graceful way.

Are you new to the web streaming universe?

We understand! Most folks are. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process – or, just take care of it for you.
We can facilitate completely remote events, or hybrid socially distanced events!

Some of the events we continue to service include:

  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services
  • Worship Events
  • Outdoor Concerts
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Family Meetings and Reunions
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Fundraisers
  • Educational Seminars
Virtual Events - Tutorial

Virtual Event FAQ's

Got a question? We're here to help.

A hybrid event is an event that has “live” attendees as well as virtual attendees.  Many hybrid events have virtual presenters, who can be seen and heard on screens in the live event space.

There are many choices, and depending on the needs of your event, we can help you select the most appropriate virtual venue. Zoom, Youtube, and Facebook are some of the most common. We can even help you embed a live video on your website.

It depends on the production quality desired.  Generally 2-3 cameras with operators give the best production value.  We can help you determine what is best for your needs.

That depends on which hosting service is used. Depending on what is desired and the needs of your event, we can help to select a proper hosting service.

There is no maximum, but bandwidth needs to be allocated prior to the event for the appropriate number of guests.

We are dedicated to providing 5 star service!

We are committed to being the leading audiovisual company in the region and promise competitive prices, professional service and a great experience.