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Welcome to our humble little blog at ProCore Productions, your go-to source for event planning insights and top-tier audiovisual equipment rentals. Specializing in serving event planners and coordinators, our blog is a hub of valuable information, offering deep dives into the latest trends, technology, and event planning insights. Whether you’re planning a large corporate event or an intimate gathering, our aim is to enhance your creative vision with the perfect blend of knowledge and state-of-the-art tips, tricks, and trends.

Explore our blog to discover a wide range of topics, from advancements in audio and lighting technologies to strategies for crafting memorable event experiences. We’re in tune with the industry’s heartbeat and dedicated to sharing our expertise to help your events stand out. Stay updated with our regular posts, expert advice, and exclusive peeks into the event planning world.

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Blog Series - Event Production 101: A Comprehensive 10 step guide for beginner event planners

Whether you’ve just stumbled into the dazzling world of event planning or are purposefully stepping onto this thrilling stage, you’re in for a fabulous adventure.

In this series, we’ll demystify the art and science behind creating unforgettable events from the ground up. From selecting the perfect venue to ensuring the tech doesn’t hiccup mid-speech, and from tantalizing catering choices to seamless attendee registration, we’ve got your back! Each post is packed with actionable tips, lively insights, and a sprinkle of planner secrets to not just survive but thrive in the bustling world of event production.

So, buckle up and prepare to inject some serious fun into your professional skills toolkit. Let’s get this party planned!

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