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Video Equipment Rentals - Hard Rock Hotel - Las Vegas

Looking For Video Rentals For Your Next Event?

Give your audience the gift of stunning, high-quality video.

At ProCore Productions, whether you need to simply rent a projector for your corporate event, wedding, trade show, or conference or need a professional to run the cameras or design the projection mapping for your event, we can help. 

From corporate events and trade shows to product launches and concerts, we’ve done it all and look forward to working with you.

We understand the importance of a reliable and crisp delivery method for your content and our team will work with you to get it just right for your event.

We carry all of the video equipment you need for your event including:

If something you need isn’t listed in our video equipment rental inventory, just give us a call as our online inventory only reflects a portion of what’s available.


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Video Equipment Rentals - Panasonic Video Camera

Camera Rentals

If you are planning on livestreaming your event, filming to produce content, or broadcasting to a screen at your event we have several cameras that can suit your needs. 

We work with 4k cameras and can supply you with all of the camera accessories you need including tripods, cables, converters, and adapters.

Video Equipment Rentals - Epson 12k Projector

Projector Rentals

Whether you need to rent a meeting projector for your conference or outdoor projector for your rooftop screening, we carry a wide range of projectors to fit your event. We stock everything from large format Epson 15k lumen projectors that are perfect for indoor or outdoor use to the compact Epson 3000 lumen meeting projector.

We also carry projection screens, some of which are ideal for outdoor events.

If you are interested in projection mapping, give us a call and we can design an immersive experience that suits your event.

TV Rentals

If you’re producing an event where a television could enhance the experience for your attendees, we can quickly and easily set up a TV to act as your main display.

We can also make it possible to use a TV as an extension of your broadcast by linking it with your main video stream or by showing different displays on different screens. 

Our television sizes range from 30″ to 80″ and we rent TVs suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Video Equipment Rentals - Confidence Monitor

Confidence Monitor Rentals

If you are presenting with slides or material that you need to view from stage we can place a confidence monitor in front of the stage facing you. Simply control the slides with a remote and you won’t miss a beat.

Laptop & Tablet Rentals

Need a computer to run your video, music, slides, and more during your event? We have computers — desktop and laptop — to help you keep everything organized. 

We also rent tablets if you’re hosting an event where you need to check-in guests or if you need to read notes while giving a presentation.


Video Switchers & Converters

We can provide video switchers to seamlessly switch from one media source to the next, which allows your audience to get immersed in the experience of your presentation.

This eliminates your audience seeing one window closing and another opening while you’re looking for or loading content. Using a switcher and multiple media sources will level up your presentation immensely and make it feel more professional.

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It depends on your event. Renting a projector and a screen for your event is a great choice if you have control of your lighting environment, or if it will be at night. TVs tend to be the better choice when there is a lot of ambient light.

For the most optimal viewing, we recommend the largest screen that can fit in the space that you have. In a large ballroom, for example, two 16’x9′ screens – one on each side of the stage – is common.

No. 16:9 is the standard for HD video, and will produce the best results.  Other formats (4:3) are fine as well and we can adapt them to any screen size.

Yes! During a presentation it is common to go to a holding slide or logo screen during transitions. All we need is an image file with your logo, and we’ll show it on the screen whenever you like!

Video switchers are handy devices that allow for seamless transitions between different content elements. Videos, logos, presentations, and the like can be easily “switched” into and out of with the push of a button. When using multiple media sources this is usually a handy device to keep your presentation running smoothly. When you talk to us about your video equipment rental we can walk you through many different options and scenarios and make sure we get you the exact equipment you need.

In some situations this is appropriate, such as having a smaller audience at an event that is more casual than formal. But, the laptop may become a distraction and is just one more thing that would clutter the stage.

Alternatively, we can supply a TV to act as a confidence monitor which will sit near the floor in front of the stage. We can stream your presentation, notes, a countdown timer and pretty much anything else you would like to see on it to make your presentation run smoothly.


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