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Event And Stage Lighting - Concert Lighting
Event And Stage Lighting - Outdoor Concert Lighting

Lighting Can Make All The Difference

When it comes to throwing a successful event, the right ambient lighting is essential. Whether you’re looking for dramatic event lighting and projector mapping or practical stage lighting for a corporate event, lighting can instantly transform the mood.

Our stage and event lighting rental inventory includes dynamic moving lights, follow lights and spotlights, LEDs, gobos, uplights, and much more to create the look and feel you want to achieve.

Our team of lighting professionals can also design a memorable look for your event that will transform a venue from eh to amazing or from great to spectacular. If you desire something magical, awe-inspiring, and Instagram-shareworthy, ask them to create something for you.

And, if you’re looking for something more practical where the lighting takes a backseat to your presentation, we can do that too. From corporate events, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, and weddings, we’ve done it all.

We carry all of the stage and event lighting rentals you need for your event including:

  • Moving Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Follow spots
  • Gobo pattern projection
  • Projectors
  • Uplighting
  • String lights
  • LEDs
  • Lekos
  • LED Pars
  • Strip lights
  • Fresnels
  • Blacklights
  • Pinspot Lights
  • Strobes and Blinders
  • Dimming and Distros
  • Fog Machines
  • Haze Machines
  • Lighting Control Consoles
  • Truss and Drape

If something you need isn’t listed in our lighting equipment rental inventory, just give us a call as our online inventory only reflects a portion of what’s available.


Event And Stage Lighting - Indoor Event Lighting

Event Lighting

The look and feel of every event is different and, when it comes to setting the mood, event lighting plays a large role. Whether you’re looking for something spectacular or practical, we can create a lighting design that will fit your vision.

We love collaborating with clients. If you have a rough concept of what you are looking for, let’s work together to create a custom lighting package that dazzles your guests. And, if you have your sketches and diagrams ready, and simply need us to execute your vision, that’s great too.

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Event And Stage Lighting - Concert Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting plays a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of a performance or event. It helps to create a visual experience for the audience and to highlight the performers and their actions on stage.

Great stage lighting can also enhance the overall production design, complement the costumes and set, and provide an emotional connection between the performers and the audience. In addition, stage lighting can also be used to create visual effects and help to tell the story or convey a message.

Event And Stage Lighting - Wedding Reception Lighting

Wedding Lighting

If you are looking to highlight décor, create a romantic atmosphere, and add visual interest to your big day, expertly designed lighting can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enhance the beauty of the venue, and provide the perfect backdrop for photos and memories.

Great wedding lighting can also help to create a seamless transition between different parts of the event, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Additionally, lighting can be used to create a personalized touch and reflect the couple’s individual style and taste. Overall, wedding lighting is a crucial element in creating a memorable and unforgettable wedding celebration.

Event And Stage Lighting - DJ Lighting

DJ Lighting

If you’re looking to add the wow factor to the DJ booth, we can help. We can design programs that synchronize the lights with the music or we can provide a lighting tech to run the lights during your show. By adding a lighting rental package to your DJ setup, you can help your event be even more memorable.

Event And Stage Lighting - Up Lighting

Up lighting & Scenic Lighting

If you are hosting an event where your guests will move through multiple spaces, we will work with you to create a lighting design using LED lights and other ambient lighting. This will ensure your guests feel immersed in the environment from the moment they come through the door.

Airstar 5 foot lighting balloon

Balloon Lighting

Balloon lighting refers to a unique and increasingly popular method of illuminating spaces. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures, balloon lighting involves the use of specially designed balloons that provide a distinct and captivating source of light. 

These balloons can be suspended from the ceiling, creating an ethereal and eye-catching element, or they can be arranged to stand upright, accentuating the surrounding area with their radiant glow. Balloon lighting offers a fresh and innovative approach to illuminating various events, imbuing them with a touch of beauty and charm. 

Whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday celebration, or corporate gathering, balloon lighting is a striking and original option that adds a touch of magic to any setting.

Centerpiece Lighting

Centerpiece Lighting

Centerpiece lighting refers to a lighting technique commonly used in occasions such as weddings, where there are multiple tables in a designated area. The main objective of centerpiece lighting is to illuminate the center of each table, creating an appealing visual focal point. 

This is achieved by strategically placing small candles or LED bulbs at each table setting. The use of these lights adds a twinkle effect, enhancing the overall ambiance and creating an enchanting atmosphere. 

By highlighting the center of each table, centerpiece lighting helps add depth and elegance to the overall decor, ensuring that each table becomes a beautiful and attention-grabbing feature of the event.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting refers to the practice of illuminating structures and buildings in order to enhance their aesthetic appeal. It goes beyond simply providing light, as it also focuses on how the light interacts with the space. 

This type of lighting is commonly used both indoors and outdoors, and plays a crucial role in highlighting the unique design elements and features of a venue. By strategically placing and designing light fixtures, architectural lighting can create dramatic effects, highlight architectural details, and shape the overall atmosphere of a space. 

It not only serves a functional purpose by ensuring proper visibility, but also serves as a form of artistic expression, adding depth, dimension, and visual interest to architectural elements.

Event And Stage Lighting - Flown Lighting

Flown Lighting

If you are planning a high-end corporate event, awards show, gala, music concert, festival, or an event where you need a high-impact custom-configured lighting system, our lighting designer will work with you to create it. They’ll also program the lights onsite to automate your show.

Event And Stage Lighting - Ground Supported Lighting

Ground Supported Lighting

When hanging lights from a flown rig isn’t possible due to constraints of the venue or your budget we can design a simple lighting system on a variety of stands.


Certified Riggers & Lighting Techs

All of our riggers are certified professionals with decades of experience. We double check the numbers and make sure that safety is the number one priority for our crew, your performers, and your attendees.

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Figuring out the right lighting package to rent can be a creative process with lots of determining factors. These are a few of the things we would consider when designing your lighting package:

  • What is the size of the stage you are wanting to cover with light?
  • Where will the performers be on stage and will they be stationary or moving?
  • What is the color palete of your event?
  • Will you want special effects such as haze, fog, bubbles, lasers or pyrotechnics?
  • Are you incorporating any video or projection elements on stage?
  • Will there be any house lights or ambient lights in the space that we need to consider?

Lighting needs change a great deal based on the needs of each event. We don’t have lighting packages but we will work with you to design something that gives you the maximum value while still fitting in your budget.

Our lighting inventory rents “a la carte” meaning that every piece of equipment has a price associated with it. We will charge you based on the items you require without any extra or hidden fees.

We have a selection of small generators in stock that can be used for most small to medium size events. Lights typically take a lot of electricity to run even with many of the new professional lights using led bulbs instead of older technologies. We do have partnerships with generator companies with negotiated discounts that we pass on to you. If we need a larger generator for your event we will take care of ordering, delivery, and pickup of your event generator.

In certain cases this is ok and certain cases it is a big no no. Any light that is functioning with a dimmer will add resistance to the electrical circuit which can cause a loud buzzing in your sound system. This is a common occurance when working in an old building or hotel where you are trying to use their “house” lights that are on dimmers. Whenever possible it is recommended that the sound and lights be run from separate power sources. This can be achieved by using separate electrical circuits when working indoors.

Setup and tear down will be charged based on the details of your event and size of the rental. Larger orders will require more labor.

We base our delivery charges on the distance from our warehouse and time of day. We are centrally located just a few miles south of Downtown Los Angeles and our delivery fees start at $150 per trip.


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