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Sony HDR-FX1 1080i Handycam Camcorder

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Sony HDR-FX1 Digital HDV 1080i High Definition Handycam Camcorder, 3-1/3″, 16:9 Advanced HAD CCD, Switchable HDV/DV, Vario-Sonnar 12x Optical Zoom, 3.5″ Wide LCD

Presenting the world’s first consumer 1080i high definition camcorder, the Sony Handycam HDR-FX1. A revolution in form and function, the HDR-FX1 allows you to play and record interlaced high definition video at resolutions up to 1440 x 1080 for professional quality video with vivid colors and striking detail. It even offers the ability to switch to standard DV recording and playback as the situation warrants.

The HDR-FX1 features the Real-time HD Codec Engine, which offers professional-level MPEG2 video compression, and 14bit HD DXP (Digital Extended Processor) for increased processing speed. Images are captured on three chip Advanced HAD CCD system that provides increased detail and improved video performance without the color bleeding found in other system. Optical capabilities include a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with 12x optical zoom and Super SteadyShot image stabilization.

The HDR-FX1 offers an unprecedented amount of control to the user, including manual zoom, focus, and iris control. Picture Profile allows the user to create a number of preset video modes for a variety of shooting settings. Composing shots is easier than even with the 3.5″ precision hybrid SwivelScreen LCD display1 and the extra-large electronic viewfinder.

The Sony HDR-FX1 HDV Handycam camcorder the revolution begins.

Advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD imagers with 1,120K effective (video) pixels provides excellent detail and clarity with exceptional digital video performance. Using a 3 chip Advanced HAD CCD system and dichroic prism toseparate color information, colors are extremely accurate, and color bleeding” and smearing” are greatly reduced.

Enhanced CCD design allows more light to reach the imager which reduces video noise to improve signal-to-noise ratio by up to 6db (2x better than a standard CCD). Particularly effective when shooting in dark situations.

From the innovators in camcorder technology, Sony’s HDR-FX1 camcorder is the world’s first HDV1080i consumer level camcorder and player. Now you can record all your memories in true high-definition video. The HDR-FX1 is capable of recording and playing back both High Definition and Standard Definition video recorded on standard MiniDV cassettes.

A Sony developed Real Time MPEG Encode/Decode system with reduced in energy consumption and compact size to fit inside a personal camcorder. Provides efficient MPEG2 compression, and recording and playback of clear HD images at the same bit rate of the DV format, so that High Definition video can be recorded on the same cassettes as are used for MiniDV recording.

From the authority in lens technology, the Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens provides a high quality 12x optical zoom which maintains image clarity and colorwhile reducing glare and flare.

3.5″ 250K pixel LCD display makes images sharp and detailed during playback or when monitoring recording.

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